Social Media Monitoring for Customer Service

Social Media Monitoring for Customer Service

Social Media Monitoring for Customer Service

Social Media Platforms have become an irreplaceable key part in your business online presence and online marketing campaigns due to the increasing numbers of active users on those platforms who can be your potential customers.

Social media monitoring is a strategy and activity used to optimize your business marketing efforts and customer service activities across different social media platforms.


Social Media Monitoring & Listening explained

Activities include looking for mentions of your brand, products, hashtags, employees, competitors & customers (what you & your customers care about).

When monitoring your competitors, take note of their wins, losses, reputation, differentiation, marketing tactics, relationships, alliances, and even their brand voice.

Social Media Monitoring for customer service

Social media platforms are currently used instead of traditional customer service channels (phone calls – branch visits – regular mail) as it provides more convenience, save time and efforts with a quicker response through messaging and commenting options available in different social media platforms.


Reducing customer service costs will be enabled by using social media platforms rather than establishing a 24/7 contact center or hiring a full staff for customer service in the company branches.


A social media expert moderator or a small team depending on your business size will be able to handle all inquiries and complaints across different social media platforms using the moderation options the platforms provide or external tools that will be explained later in this article.


Following your current and potential customers’ activity within your social media platforms, competitors accounts, trending related hashtags and influencers accounts is necessary for landing on changes of your buyer personas to optimize your current and future online and offline campaigns.


It gets tougher and tougher to maintain your business market share because of the availability of many customized options with different competitive advantages.


Social media monitoring could emphasize your business competitive advantage through responding to changes in consumers’ behaviors observed in their online activities and maintain your business reputation by responding all inquiries, complaints, negative and positive reviews in a shorter period than through regular customer service channels.


Social Media Monitoring options


Facebook provides many options that can be used to improve your social monitoring activities in Facebook such as comments, groups, reviews, business page messenger, hashtags and insights.

A professional social media moderator will use these options to provide better customer service experience to all activities related to the brand online presence.




 Twitter is a microblogging platform that enables the users to communicate better with brands and businesses through mentions, direct messages (DM) and hashtags to have more personal communication with the business account in twitter for a better customer service experience.


Other Social Media Platforms


 Many social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram provide the comments option for content posted to generate quicker more personalized feedback.

Instagram and LinkedIn provide messaging options for personal communication with your business that helps in answering all related brand questions and increase customers’ loyalty.


Social Monitoring Tools


There are many professional tools that can be used to manage your social media different accounts from one place like Buffer and Hootsuite to save time and efforts through scheduling your posted content, following trendy hashtags content and use their analytics to evaluate your social media management activities.


 There are other websites are available to help your business specifically in listening and monitoring including:

Fanpage Karma is a website that can be used to analyze your performance compared to competitors.

Likealyzer is another website used to evaluate and recommend tips to improve your Facebook business page.

Social Mention is a real-time social media search and analysis website for improved social monitoring performance.

Hashtagify is a website provides an option to explore suitable hashtags to your business on Twitter and Instagram.

TwitterDeck is a powerful tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement on Twitter.


We hope that the information and tips provided in this article will help with your business social media monitoring activities to benefit from the potential opportunities available on social media.

We are also available to answer all your questions related to social media management.


Contact Sendian Creations today and see how we can help.

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