10 SEO tips and tricks to improve your website

10 SEO tips and tricks to improve your website

seo tips for websites

The following tips and tricks will be helpful for your website search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher in search engine results for your potential website visitors and customers.

Tip 1. Voice Search

Voice Search is now set to modify the way we create content. The better version of the content will address and provide answers to the questions most viewers ask.

The concept of creating content based on a keyword list will not work anymore. It is now related to making content to reach the searcher goal & intent. Search engines are now capable of identifying the context with the goal that the content that answers the inquiry and contains data about the topic will win.

Tip 2. Shareable Useful Content

In recent years, engagement is now a key player in achieving great SEO results. It is important to create content that is link-worthy, user-driven, shareable and answers related questions in addition to presenting useful information. 

Tip 3. Secure Links (SSL)

Two years ago, Google gave an announcement that secured website certificates (SSL) were starting to have an effect on websites ranking. Browsers such as chrome have recently started flagging sites that don’t begin with HTTPS as being potentially insecure. 

Tip 4. Searcher Intent

Our SEO performance is now being affected by Google’s focus on matching search results with the exceptional intent of a searcher’s inquiry. We currently should look past keywords and conventional ranking components to comprehend the types of content the search engines regard important for priority terms.

Tip 5. Subdomain Versus Subdirectory

We lately have relocated our blog from a sub-domain to a sub-directory in our root domain to see how this can benefit our root domain to increase domain authority. In addition, we have exerted all our efforts into our blog to acquire the benefit of increased visibility for our top-level domain, which is the most vital one over the long term.

Tip 6. Video Content for SEO

Cisco conducted a study last year, which predicted that by 2021, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video related. This indicates that video content will exceed the level of all forms of content within the next few years. Moreover, YouTube is considered the second largest search engine globally. Creating optimized video content is now considered a huge opportunity to get your brand to rank higher than your competitors.

Tip 7. The Battle Of Snippets

The expanded Google SERP features are now considered the biggest modification. In addition to accomplishing being on page one top three results, we aim to have our clients be featured with varied snippets.

Tip 8. SEO-Rich Long-term Content

Recently, we are writing content in long-form. Content pages of 1,500 words or more are performing better in the search engine rankings and drawing more organic traffic than shorter pages.

Studies show that users remain on these pages longer and long-form content receives more backlinks and social shares. The main factor to success is to focus on address interesting topics and high-quality writing.

Tip 9. Site Loading Speed

While there have been various clues paving the way to it and we’ve been getting clients ready for it, Google has officially declared site loading speed as a ranking factor.

Users request results and they need them as fast as possible. Site loading speed also provides higher conversion rates so it’s a huge competitive advantage.

Tip 10. Mobile Responsiveness

The shift from a desktop-based to a mobile-based Google index is fast approaching, requiring responsive design or better alignment between content on mobile and desktop sites.

Google officially made an announcement that mobile user experience is a ranking factor for mobile search results. Checking your website responsive design for all devices is a mandatory step in web designing and developing. 

We are also available to answer any related questions and provide advice on how to get started on search engine optimization (SEO) for your business.


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