Arab International Optics (AIO)

Arab International Optics (AIO)


Arab International Optics (AIO) is a company that provides a diversified portfolio of services and solutions in the field of electricity (LED lamps & luminaires), solar energy (solar Cells & modules), production of electronic screens, television observation systems, chemical surface Treatment & coating factory and medical loupes.

Sendian Creations services and solutions for our client (AIO)

  • Designing and Developing AIO new website
  • Rebranding Solutions (Establishing the rebranding strategy – Developing the brand message, unique voice, and tone – Event & Initiative Branding)
  • Production of 4K promotional videos and 360° panoramic images and videos
  • Professional Photography Services for locations and products
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign (Paid Ads)
  • Social Media Management services (content creation – moderation)

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