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As an experienced full-service marketing agency, our expertise and solutions extend to performing all the roles of a professional social media marketing agency through providing a complete portfolio of social media marketing, management and advertising services customized to your business needs, goals and the allocated budget.

Social media marketing and advertising options offers real opportunities to achieve your desired business goals taking advantage of the huge base of active social media users including:

  • Increasing awareness about your business and available products or services
  • Building a community of engaged followers “potential & current customers”
  • Increase desired types of engagement with your business “comments – messages – calls – website visits – store or branch visits – completed purchases”
  • Improving and reducing the cost of customer services activities
  • Increasing customers’ loyalty through direct communication options & retargeting campaigns
  • Generating more qualified leads and sales with targeted cost-effective social media advertising campaigns

 As being one of the best social media marketing agencies, our team possesses the technical knowledge, skills and creativity to transform chosen social media channels into rewarding marketing channels through content creation solutions, management of paid social media ads and professional moderation activities to deliver the desired results of your business social media marketing campaigns.

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Sendian Social Media Marketing Services & Solutions                

After defining the best suitable social media platforms for targeting and connecting with your business current & potential customers, we will provide integrated social media marketing and management services to utilize allocated social media marketing budget through:

  • Creating a monthly content calendar of engaging creative valuable content (promotional posts – social posts – creative designs & illustrations – infographics – engaging videos)
  • Planning, launching, and management of targeted social media advertising campaigns to deliver the defined business goals in a short period
  • Preforming professional social media moderation activities to improve your business reputation and customer service performance
  • Monitoring & analyzing social media insights and reports to improve the performance and the engagement of your business social media marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Connecting with suitable influencers and public figures to increase your business reach and engagement on social media platforms     
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