Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

PPC “pay per click” Ads

Take advantage of the highest possible engagement rate of digital advertising campaigns and get charged only when your ads are clicked with paid search engine marketing “pay per click” ads.

Our extensive expertise in search engine marketing solutions is not limited to search engine optimization “SEOservices but extends to planning, creating, launching, and managing successful paid search marketing “PPC” advertising campaigns for small, midsize businesses and famous brands.

Paid Search Engine Marketing “SEM” Campaigns

Sendian Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services & Solutions

We will enable your business to reach potential customers with an existing interest in what your business is promoting through Google and Bing search engines guaranteeing the highest possible engagement level “clicks – conversions completed” with the limits of your advertising budget through:

    • Selecting a portfolio of suitable keywords for the campaign content used by targeted customers
    • Creating engaging copies for your paid search engine marketing “SEM” campaigns   
    • Optimizing your ads spending budget and ads schedule to achieve the best results within your budget
    • Creating and optimizing the content of landing pages related to your SEM ads
    •  Tracking paid search advertising campaigns using reliable analytics platforms
    • Managing and editing the current campaigns depending on the performance metrics and indicators
    • Launching remarketing ads to target search engine users who engaged with your business previously
Invest your business budget in our rewarding search engine marketing solutions

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