search engine marketing

Search engines are the source of the majority of websites traffic which is a solid opportunity to generate more profitable traffic to your website if you guarantee better visibility with higher ranking in search results.

There’re two options to benefit from the treasure of search engines traffic either through search engine optimization (SEO) to gain free traffic for your website or starting search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns with paid ads to guarantee better opportunity to be on the first results of search engines results pages (SERPs).


Sendian Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services & Solutions

  • Launching paid ads on search engines (Google Ads) to appear in the first page of related search keywords to your website content
  • Optimizing your ads spending budget to achieve higher results within your budget (Pay per Click Ads)
  • Tracking paid search advertising campaigns using reliable analytics platforms
  • Managing and editing the current campaigns depending on the performance metrics and indicators
  • Launching remarketing Ads to target search engine users who have visited your website previously but didn’t complete any conversions
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