ERP Systems

ERP Systems

Our cost-effective professional technology solutions are not limited to web design and development services and mobile apps development services but extend to offering customized development solutions for ERP Systems “Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” for educational, commercial and industrial institutions and businesses.

ERP systems allow organizations to perform many duties like collecting, storing and data management and transactions for different departments with integrated applications customized to meet the unique business needs in addition to providing the ability to share or authorize data access across all the business departments.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Sendian ERP Systems Development Services & Solutions                                                  

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems to track all customers’ data
  • Business Intelligence (BI) systems to analyze data and help in the decision-making process
  • Supply Chain Management systems to monitor all supply, demand and logistics activities
  • Financial Management systems to record, store and analyze all financial data and transactions
  • Human Resources (HR) systems to handle all aspects of employees’ management  
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) to connect all parties of educational organizations like universities or schools including staff, students and parents
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