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Motion graphics is the solution you are searching for to communicate with your current and prospect customers, demonstrate your business message and competitive advantages, answer your viewer’s questions by tutorials and explainer videos, engage your customers with your content, reduce your marketing costs and connect emotionally with your customers and viewers & reach the whole online population with highly engaging shareable videos.

There are other types of video content marketing besides TV commercial Ads that can add value to your business and can be used in sales presentations, uploaded to your business website & Social media platforms or YouTube to engage viewers (potential clients) with your business story including:

  • Documentaries: are a professional type of content that demonstrates facts and information about your business to highlight achievements and competitive advantages in your business services that can be used in presentations and special marketing events.
  • Corporate Videos: are a solution to showcase your company profile along with products and services, to create the best possible impression about your business besides using positive testimonials within the corporate videos to increase trust in your business.
  • Promotional Videos: are related to special offers or launching new products or services related to specific seasons to reach targeted clients quicker with engaging content uploaded to suitable online Platforms.

Sendian Motion Graphics Services & Solutions

Connect with people whether on small screens, big screens, games, websites, mobile applications, explainer videos, promotional videos, traditional ads or social media viral videos. We provide the best motion graphics solutions to meet your business needs.

Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the video content we produce engage, improve positioning in your customers’ minds and deliver exceptional results.

We specialize in producing motion graphics, 2D & 3D animations which truly connect with their audience using Adobe After Effects, and traditional cell (hand drawn) techniques.

Sendian Creations creative expert team handles all aspects related to the production of motion graphics:

  • On-Location video and audio recording
  • Performing review and editing actions to reach the best quality
  • Choosing the suitable platforms to your video content
  • Monitor feedback on promotional videos to improve future campaigns
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