Online marketing for local businesses

Online marketing for local businesses

Online marketing for local businesses

The digital world is the opportunity that all kinds of businesses should take advantage of to increase their brand awareness, building relationships with customers, lead generation, increasing sales and customers’ loyalty.

Whether it’s an international business with continued success and growing market share that wants to maintain that success and improve business results or a local business in the phase of establishing a reputation and increasing brand awareness, online marketing is what you’re searching for.

The main focus of this article will be about how online marketing could benefit your local business to achieve the rocket start to invade new territories and customer’s segments using the demographics marketing targeted advantage that online marketing provides which is not available in regular marketing channels (TV & radio ads – newspapers – billboards & banners).

7 advantages of online marketing for small & local businesses

Online To Offline Commerce

#1. Demographic Targeting

The regular marketing campaigns through TV or radio ads, newspapers or even billboards on roads are costly for small local businesses and do not target the business specific audience but for all segments, whether they are interested in what your business offers or not.

Online marketing enables businesses to target their favorite segment to what they offer of products or services based on the customer demographics (gender – age – education – interests), through search engine optimization, social media marketing, online paid ads to avoid wasting time, efforts and money on people that have zero interest in your services and products.

#2. Availability 24/7 for your customers

Online marketing channels and platforms offer a great advantage for small local businesses that can’t afford opening many stores and to hire many staff members to serve their customers 24/7 to maintain and grow their market share as your online platforms will be available for:

  • your customers’ inquiries and complaints
  • checking available products and services 
  • completing the purchasing process

There will be no constraints about daily hours availability for customers all over the world.

#3. Measurable Marketing Campaigns Performance

Online marketing helps businesses to optimize their marketing campaigns results using the evaluation options like web analytics and social media platforms insights to define the level of success based on many available metrics (reach – engagement – click-through rate – website traffic – conversions – sentiment analysis – reviews).

The ease of evaluating online marketing campaigns help small campaigns to define weakness points to deal with and the successful practices to maintain & edit your current and future campaigns.

#4. Generating more leads easily

The easy using of forms to collect current potential customers’ information that requires a few seconds to complete a form is another advantage that online marketing offers to create an increasing leads base.

Through the business website contact forms, social media platforms messaging options paid ads customized for lead generation, local and small businesses could easily generate leads interested in what they offer as they submitted their information after visiting your online platforms.  

Leads data can be used to customize your marketing campaign aspects (content – suitable social media platforms to your business – paid ads) to achieve the best possible outcomes with fewer efforts & costs.

#5. Time-Saving

The production and arrangements of regular offline marketing campaigns waste more time than what happens in online marketing campaigns.

As long as you have planned your campaigns and defined the targeted segments and suitable platforms to use, you’re a few minutes away from launching your campaigns whether organic traffic campaigns or online paid ads.

#6. Reviews increase Trust

Word of mouth is the best marketing tool that could affect your campaigns positively or negatively but is limited to the size of social groups that share feedback about your products and services local or small business limited brand awareness.

The majority population is using the internet for different purposes and especially active on social media platforms sharing interests, opinions and feedback about their daily events.

Reviews in your social media platforms is a great advantage that can increase customer trust in your brand or alert you to existing problems and issues that need urgent solutions to maintain your brand reputation.

#7. Better Customer Care

Small or local business sometimes can’t afford to establish 24/7 contact center to respond to their customers’ inquiries and complaints and even if that possible, customer suffers from regular routine customer care channels mainly visiting company branches and over the phone.

Online marketing platforms provide messaging options that are more convenient, time-saving and cost-effective for small and local businesses.

Your business customer service channels are always available even after daily working hours through the use of instant replays, saved customized messages to guide your customer to better customer care.

We are always available to answer all your question related to how to benefit from social media platforms management for your business.


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