About Us

about us

Who we are?

Sendian Creations is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency. we construct a bond between our clients and their customers providing them with the best possible outcome.

Our end-to-end services range from strategic solutions and consultancy services to manage your entire digital brand presence, all of these services are carried out by our innovative team and their expert leaders who employ all of their efforts to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Where ideas grow


Our Expertise

Consultation: We provide professionally driven digital solutions and strategies to meet our clients’ business and brand objectives.

Brand Management: Our digital brand management services offer our clients a kick start for their brand in the digital world.

Technical Innovation: We design and develop user-engaging websites, social media platforms management, and mobile applications to deliver a deeper community interaction.

Training: We offer standard and custom training workshops, transforming individuals with a passion for learning into a professional digital expert.

Our Team

Digital marketing strategists


Amazing results start with amazing strategies…Our digital strategists connect the dots between customer’s needs with the strategies that drive online marketing goals and conversions.


Web designers and developers: The website is the hub of your digital presence…Our web designers are responsible for designing websites and web pages that provide an engaging user experience. Our web developers take the responsibility of coding and modifying websites, from layout to function levels according to the client’s specifications.


Talented graphic designers: Let us create your masterpiece…Graphic designers the sculptors of the visual masterpieces who provide extraordinary visuals, from webpages and creative illustrations to social media designs. Everything will look great.


Skilled content writers: Great content is the engine that makes everything run…Content creators are the individuals in charge of providing appealing content writing for your website, sales material, email newsletters, social media posts that increase customers to engage with your brand.

Social media experts: Growing your social footprint is an art and a science…Social media experts will be in charge of managing, and optimizing your social platforms reach to attract your targeted audience, and achieve your desired social engagement level.


SEO Specialists: The specialists that will rank you to the top. Search engine optimization specialists are the individuals who optimize your website frequently to keep up-to-date with search engines algorithms to eventually maximize the traffic of the client’s website and deliver higher rankings.


Our Values

Focus on people: Every step we take in our strategies, from marketing planning to content strategy and website and app designing holds and delivers a deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of real people – your customers.


Be Bold: We will challenge your assumptions to inspire innovative thinking, find new directions, and remove the boundaries to improve the experience for you and your customers.


Create Impact: Our Team always focuses on improving what we provide to increase value and continue improving in order to leave our fingerprint everywhere in the field.


State of mind: These are not just projects to us, these are the lives and the dreams of our clients and we are honored to be considered a trusted advisor to the people we serve.